The BlackBody Radiation

Gennaio 26th, 2023 | by Marcello Colozzo |

The BlackBody Radiation

Max Planck was unintentionally a revolutionary. In fact, in dealing with a thorny problem that afflicted physics at the end of the 19th century (the black body emission spectrum) he used a mathematical trick to ensure the convergence of what mathematicians call the "integral generalized". And not only that, his solution was in perfect agreement with the experimental data. "Unfortunately" (for Planck who adhered to the paradigm of classical physics), what he had used was much more than a simple artifice: Nature was revealing something very interesting to us.

Ebook Topics:

Experimental features
Stefan-Boltzmann law.
Wien's law.
Displacement law
Theoretical setting
The Rayleigh-Jeans radiation formula


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Planck's hypothesis
Planck's interpolation
Radiated power
The cosmic background radiation (Cosmology)

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