Problem 1 (Atomic and Nuclear Reactions)

Gennaio 7th, 2021 | by Marcello Colozzo |

Atomic and Nuclear Reactions

Lessons of Nuclear reactor physics by ing. Giorgio Bertucelli.

One exothermic reaction occurs when common aluminium is bombarded with high-energy a particles (He4) and is transmuted in Si30 a heavy isotope of silicon whose naturally occurring is Si28. In the reaction a small particle is emitted. Write the complete reaction and calculate the change in mass.

The reaction is

The particle emitted is a proton. Thus the complete reaction is

The isotope masses of the nuclei showing up in this reaction are:

There is a decrease in mass, or a mass defect:

This mass is converted in negative energy (i.e. energy is released) according to Einstein's law ΔE=Δm·c².

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