Atomic and molecolar structure

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Atomic and molecolar structure,avogadro's number,Atomic mass unit

Exercises in nuclear reactor physics by ing. Giorgio Bertucelli.

The Atomic mass unit (amu) is the 12th part of the mass of C612 atom.
Thus the mass of C612 atom = 12 amu

  • Neutron mass =1,00897 amu
  • Proton mass =1,00758 amu
  • Electron mass =0,00055 amu
  • Mass of hydrogen atom =1,00758amu + 0,00055 amu = 1.00813 amu

One mole of atoms of every element is the quantity of substance containing exactly the same number of atoms of 12 g of pure C612.
This number is the NA = 6,0221415 ·10²³ (according to CODATA of 2002)

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